Why Do We Eat Sweet Food After Spicy Food?

Desserts are an important part of eating well and eating healthy. The key to making dessert part of your healthy diet is that you should consider desserts as a special part of your life. Dessert is not something that should be eaten every day.

If you are working on losing weight, then dessert should be considered a serving that you substitute for another portion maybe once a week. When I am working on dessert recipes, my goal is for them to be 200 calories or less per serving. I try to minimize simple sugars wherever possible. Often I use different artificial sweeteners, but just minimizing the amount of sugar in a particular recipe can be very effective.

For instance, one of the simplest and most refreshing desserts is good fresh fruit. Whatever is in season is always going to be the best choice. There’s nothing better than fresh sliced strawberries, peaches, raspberries, blackberries or blueberries. Tossing fruit with a little bit of sugar (about a half teaspoon per serving) and letting it chill for at least an hour makes for a great syrup. Use a little spray of canned whipped cream and this a perfect dessert. The fruit will be about 100 calories and 1/4 cup of the whipped cream has only 30 calories (less if you buy the fat free version). 150 calories of fat free goodness.

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