Girl’s Epic Response to a Guy Asking for Nude Pic !

With Social media, guys have gone to an extreme level of harassment. Now days, they are going directly and crossing all barriers of stupidity.

One guy on social media, repeatedly asked a girl for nude pictures. The girl responded so cleverly that her response went viral on Twitter !

Here’s what happened:

A girl with the Twitter handle @saucynatt made a master stroke writing “Attachment: 1 Image” as a response. The guy became all confused and wondered why he wasn’t able to download the picture.

She Says, “im prankin this guy as if im sending nudes but in reality…im literally typing “Attachment: 1 Image”

Here are some of the top responses the tweet got!

1. Haha No Doubt !

2. Where the nudes ??

3. This is hilarious!

4. What an Idea !

5. Smarty Pants !

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