After Virat Gets Out at 5 Runs, People Blame Anushka Yet Again !

Wow ! Yet again, people are blaming Anushka for Virat’s early innings out! Anushka was in the grand stands when Virat came up for batting at the recent cricket match. Virat scored a mere 5 runs and became out. This is when people on Twitter completely lost it and started to blame Anushka for Virat’s downfall !

The recent maniac cricket fans have targeted Virushka and took their anger out on Anushka ever since Team India lost the 2015 World Cup Semi-finals.

Here is some of what people wrote on Twitter:

1. Honeymoon syndrome anyone?

2. Another one blaming their honeymoon for the early out

3. This one is blaming her home cooked food

4. Is it a marriage nightmare?

5. Maybe Virat should’ve extended his honeymoon before being back on the field so quickly?

6. Excuses Excuses !

7. Haha This one goes a little too far !

It’s ok to be disappointed when losing a cricket match but to say that it was Anushka’s fault for simply attending the match is a little unfair and rather a bit too superstitious.

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